☠ Avast Ye Nubbers, It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day ☠

Arrrr, I wonder how annoyin’ this will get by th’ end o’ th’ day? For all ye WordPress users there is a handy dandy plugin that will convert all yer entries t’ pirate talk without any flubbin’ o’ yer content. To download this plugin set sail yer browsers t’ WordPress Plugin website.

You scalawags will have t’ download two files – one (and most important) is th’ tfs-core.php file which puts all th’ pieces in place and tfs-pirate.php which will start up yer blog pirate style. Just pop both in yer plugin folder and hit activate.

Shiver me timbers tis a hoot!

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: Always Picked Last Pt. 2

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Yay! Another show! So soon? Yeah we got you covered this weekend! Part 2 of the _Always Picked Last_ show where josiah and we get even punchier. The music gets even stranger with a cover, a song about Harry Potter, and enough of a mix of independent music to keep it interesting.

h4. Played on Today’s Show

# “(mp3)Druganaut”: by Black Mountain
# “(mp3)Keepsake”: by “Grumpy Bear”:
# “(mp3)Outside of Your Skin”: by “Cloud Cult”:
# “(mp3)Eighteen”: by “The Harlem Shakes”:
# “(mp3)Human Hosepipe”: by “Harry and the Potters”:
# “(mp3)Intoxicated”: by “Kids These Days”: (from Canada)
# “(mp3)Fade into You”: (cover) by Doveman

h4. Here come the links, I love some links:

* Usefulness of a BFA
* Link of the day: “VW Car link”: (For adults only Josiah is a sick bastard)
* Suck my Glockenspiel biatch!
* Contemporary Rap Music VS. Old School with “Death Mix”:
* You can dance too!
* Nobody Knows about podcasting

2 Stars Music Reviews

Editors – Back Room

Editors Editors
The Back Room
:2 Stars:
Kitchenware 2005

Eh? Who the hell are the Editors you might be asking. Well if moody rock were wheat production in the midwest, these guys would be connecticut. They are not particularly memorable and I kind of get the feeling this band is England’s attempt to show ownership of the sound Interpol stole away. Their lyrics are trite and poppy without much substance and seem to land fairly flatly against the Killers influenced pop rock beats.

Unfortunately, the band just doesn’t do anything for me. I tried, but nothing connected with me; not the beats, not the vocals, not the lyrics, not the personality, not the tone, not even the production.

I liked this band better when it was called Interpol.


but you don’t Have to take my word for it.

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: Always Picked Last Pt. 1

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Josiah’s Back! Yay! We reconnect for part one of a two part episode with an exclusive interview with “Voxtrot…”: unfortunately the audio is almost unintelligible. If you listen really closely you might hear something about bloggers and them helping to push the band forward… or maybe a bit about the band and their day jobs. Unfortunately my iRiver did a particularly craptastic job recording the boys. I need a Mic! What Mic to get!? HELP!

I will hopefully have a mic for the next time the band visits again… First interview C+

*Played on Today’s Show*

# “(mp3)When I Wake”: by “The Changes”:
# Raised By Wolves (played by permission) by “Voxtrot”:
# “(mp3)The Beast”: by “King of France”: From NYC
# “(mp3)Oh Mandy”: by -Spintonic- “The Spinto Band”:
# “(mp3)Analog Set Hard to Find”: mashup by “Aggro1”:
# In Love with a Car Bomber (played by permission) by “The Way It Is”:

*Mentioned on Todays Show*

* Votrot on the Show Yay, but difficult to listen to
* Upcoming one year Anniversary with Archives


9/11 4 Years later


I walked to the Brooklyn promenade last night to look at the lights, which are still my favorite tribute to that day. Somehow they seem to have a ephemeral, poetic justice that a building can never have. Especially the “inventive” specimens proposed by over inventive architectural firms.

When I got to the promenade, I could still smell the powdery smell of burning drywall. It hung in every subway stop and drifted along the tunnels, pushed by subway cars. I think I will remember that smell forever.


I Love Anthony Johnson… But He Worries Me


Now don’t get me wrong… I think Anthony is a brilliant musician who deserves “every praise he gets.”:,16197,1564286,00.html I worry about the lad is all. In the same way Robert Smith from the Cure worries me.

I get the sense they could commit great bodily harm to themselves with crullers.