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Entertainment Weekly Spotlights Tracks Up the Tree

For posterity’s sake, I thought I would post the snippet about the show from Entertainment weekly (It’s in this week’s [8/26/05 edition] Entertainment Weekly page 61) and post it on the site. (Thanks Arnold for the cutting) Notice what the iPod is playing?

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Thanks again to all you listeners and contributors to the show! You guys rock!

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: Summer Mondays

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So tired… must finish notes tomorrow… need sleep… if only I could reach utility belt…

# “Clinically Dead”: by “Chad VanGaalen”: off “Sub Pop”:
# “10:1334”: by “Rogue Wave”:
# “Black Refuge”: by “Junip”:
# I’ve Got So Much by “cezanne”:
# “Loose Lips”: by “Kimya Dawson”:


Howdy Entertainment Weekly Readers!

It’s lovely to have you over, please make yourself at home.

!(photo) ol tree)!

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Again, it’s lovely to see you, I hope you enjoy your stay – if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Your new Funtime Friend Ben


Guest Haiku: Snoop Dogg

p(byline). !(photo)!
(Rob Wythe (c)

Bitches be up grill
although I try to deny
Snoop Dogg does bad things


Continued Radio Silence with Benefits

Unfortunately, my friends, my temporary hiatus in podcasting will continue for a little longer as I have been dragged away from my regular podcasting duties by a website re-design. The good news is that is leu of a new podcast I have made all my older podcasts available for download once again… except for one… Episode 3! It seems that when iTunes took over my podcast downloading duties it erased all my older podcasts… -including the only copy I had of episode 3.-

-If anybody still has that classic episode in their collection please send me an e-mail and I will make it available for everybody to listen to… if not I’m afraid we shall all live without it.-

“You can find all of the episodes here.”:

Thank you so much for understanding. I can’t wait to get in front of the mic again, but for now I ask you hold tight for just a few more days.

Next show will happen later this week.

p(update). We have found a copy of Episode 3! Yahoo! So please help yourself to my entire back catalog while it’s still available… who knows how long it will last.

4 Stars Music Reviews

Voxtrot – Raised By Wolves EP



:4 Stars:

2005 on Cult Hero Records

Packing in the polish you might expect from veteran musicians, Austin Texas’ Voxtrot sparkle on their debut effort Raised By Wolves EP available for order at The 5 track EP shines from it’s opening track Raised by Wolves, it’s well manicured playing and confident vocals avoids easy formula for a complex arrangement of British pop inspired layered guitar and drum and the theme continues through the rest of the album. The 60s pop inspired Start of Something with the lead singer Ramesh’s Morresy like crooning also stands out as a uniquely catchy track while not being derivative. Each track on the EP is a truly impressive.


However, the real treat is for those that attend their live shows which are truly impressive. The band is tight and has an honesty which is intoxicating. The band comes off much more like siblings than band mates. The lead singer Ramesh Srivastava has a presence which is deceptively innocent as his voice carries sweet sophisticated melodies while bunny hopping from note to note.

Check their website for tour dates.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It:

Three Imaginary Girls

Mundane Sounds

Austin Chronicle

Design Music

CoverFlow: Better Digital Music Navigation

Cover art

Remember the days when you’d long to listen to music by the album? You went over to your shelves and looked at the album artwork to find the music you wanted to listen to. With the invention of MP3s and digital music players, the concept of album covers as navigational aids got lost (along with shelves full of records). Suddenly looking for a song meant you had to know the artist, album, or song name. As a visual thinker, I can easily tell you what any album in my music collection looks like from memory, but have a real problem with knowing what album a given song is on.

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Clap Your Hands and Say Seaport

Southstreet Seaport that is!

Clap Your Hands and Say Seaport

-Today,- August 10th, “Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah”: will have a *free* show on the docks of “Southstreet Seaport”: with the excellent band “Devotchka”: for all those in the local NY area.

_Did I mention it’s free?_

Clap Your Hands and Say Seaport

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: The Return of the Human Tangent

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Josiah returns from his busy schedule to grace us, fair listener, with some of the most meaningless banter ever recorded. It’s a one hour double shot show to make up for all that time Josiah’s been away featuring some of the finest music available online. I think You’ll agree, it’s well worth the wait.
I apologize for the mix, but Josiah is impossible to eq! Please complain to him to get on the mic or buy his own mic please!
Played on Today’s Show
# The Language You Are Using Now by Don’s Mobile Barbers />

  1. Dark Don’t Hide It by Magnolia Electric Co. (slow)
  2. You Broke My Heart by lavender Diamond (female slow)
  3. Black Cab by Jens Lekman via Panda’s Hideout />
  4. slim mcshady by Go Home Productions />
  5. Lift Me Up by Saturday Looks Good to Me />
  6. Warpaint by Kyle Dawkins (instrumental)
  7. We Should Drop Like Flies by Alec Ounsworth from CYHSY!
    Mentioned on Todays Show
    * Balls!