Month / June, 2005

TUTTWHYME: Return of The Joint Podcast

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It’s the return of my pal Seth from Philadelphia to bring on a mixed show. It’s Tracks Up the Tree mixed with equal parts WHYME in a listener bonanza! Using only the best music put out by artists and labels on the internet.

h4. Played on Todays Show:

# Back Into The Wall – “Belaire”: – First EP
# “(mp3)Hypothesist”: – “Novillero”: – Demo
# West Coast Keith – “Hisoft”:
# “(mp3)Under The Hedge”: – “Ted Leo and The Pharmacists”:
# “(mp3)Scarlett Johansen Why Dont You Love Me”: – “The Jai Alai Savant”: – Thunderstatement EP
# “(mp3)Father’s Son”: – Wolf Parade – Songbook of Songs

h4. Mentioned on Todays Show

* Seth Comes to visit from “WHYME”:
* Podcast Meetup
* -$15- 3 for $25 mics at “MUSICIAN’S FRIEND”: (thanks Kieth)
* History of Reingold
* iRiver
* West Coast East Coast
* Notes from the Underground
* Ted Leo English or Not
* Bad band names
* Celebrity talk about Tony Danza
* *Link of the Week* “Go Fug Yourself”:

Podcast Music Licensing For Outlaws

I’ve received a lot of e-mails, over the past few months, on the subject of podcasting and the legal ramifications of playing non “podsafe” music. I thought I would put together this post to open any doors and serve as a resource for anyone thinking of starting a podcast. Should you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.


I listened to your podcast last night on my drive home. I loved it.

I’ve been wanting to do a music podcast with the stuff that I listen to for some time, but was under the impression that I couldn’t. Then, I hear music that I know and love on your podcast, and realize that the stuff I like might be podcastable after all.

But then I read about the ASCAP license that you paid (“for the cost of an iPod…”). I’d be more than willing to do that to create my own podcast, but then I see that not all the music I like is under ASCAP. For instance, if I wanted to play a Shins song on my podcast, I couldn’t do that because they are not under the ASCAP license.

So are you not able to play a Shins song? Or do you pay multiple licenses (to BMI and ASCAP)? Is this just something you pay out of your own pocket? How much did the whole venture cost you to start?

I’m trying to find out this information through research, but nothing’s clear.

I want to do this, but I’m not a rich man, nor am I an IP attorney.

Any advice?


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First Real Writing Gig

!(photo left) Arts)!: Well all this weblog nonsense has finally paid off as I have gotten my first real writing gig with “Communication Arts.”: I will be co-writing the article with the Design Issues Editor “DK Holland,”: which is great as I really need some help from a professional.

The article will be a 6 page look into the world of professional design weblogs and photoblogs and their effect on… well I haven’t written that bit yet, but I’ll be sure to link to the article once it’s published. It’s good, because I was looking for something to take up that one minute of free-time I had at the end of the week.

I feel much better now that I know I will only have the time in the shower to myself.

NASA Creates Robotic Penis

This is for everybody who thinks that George W. Bush doesn’t spend enough time of sex education. Apparently NASA has had a secret project to create the worlds first robo-dong. JFK had nothing on this.

Unfortunately, this webpage on the project sheds little light on what the hell is happening in the highly suggestive video.

The ballerina gracefully dances on a small stage. She is followed not by a male partner, but by a robotic arm manipulator that seems to sense her every move. For Goddard technologist Vladimir Lumelsky, the performance captured on the videotape neatly shows the future of robotics.

So is *that* what our tax dollars pay for?!

Ligers, Tigons, and Bears. Oh my!

!<(photo)!: I thought that this link is so vastly important, that I couldn't relegate it to the sidebar. It turns out that the world of _Napoleon Dynamite_ is real and that we have all been living a lie! I give thee the "liger.": a real life cross between a male lion and a female tiger. Of course if that doesn't stir your fancy, maybe you're more of a "tigon": sort of person. A tigon is of course the a cross between a male tiger and a female lion. All these pale in comparison to the final output of these majestic animals which are called _ti-tigons, ti-ligers, or li-ligers._ Or if they really get jiggy, _ti-li-tigons_ or _li-ti-ligers._ These of course all bring up the age old question... what is a tigger? *Oh bother.*

TUTT: It’s Getting Hot in Here

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IT’S ANOTHER FULL SHOW!!! Although I’m too tired to write full show notes – I will write them today I swear.

p(update). I just wanted to apologize to Jessica for calling her “Seth’s Wife.” She is her own woman and is not only part of the podcast community but also has the best voice in podcasting. Sorry for not calling you by your name… but I was kinda’ drunk. Congrats on the rug rats you crazy kids.

h4. Played on Today’s Show

# Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
# Little Wounds – Herman Dune – Not On Top
# Hope There’s Someone – Antony & the Johnsons – I Am A Bird Now
# Change Clothes – Danger Mouse – The Grey Album
# Mapped and Coursed – All Combinations – Ghosts
# Wrong Lens Wrong Film – Tiger Bear Wolf – Tiger Bear Wolf

h4. Mentioned on Today’s Show

* “Celebrate Brooklyn”: and the get together on Saturday, June 25 – 7:30PM – New Pornographers / Stars / The Sadies

Pant Defeat

!<(photo)!: Pants can tell you a lot about a person. You can tell volumes just by looking at the brand, style, cut, and manufacture of a pair of pants. Does this person work in an office that requires a slacks? Do they have a casual Friday dress code? Are they a "Pleat Person"? Do they care that the tapered jeans that they are wearing makes them look like a smurf sugar cone? Currently my pants will tell you about my struggle not to move up to a size 36 waist. My pants will tell you that I will not admit defeat, but the battle so far has not been a good one. They might hint to you about my penchant for burgers with fries (even though I know I should have the salad). They might mention that I continue to buy "threadless": t-shirts in a size medium, even though I look like a sausage in every other medium threadless t-shirt I own. Or they might say that the use of a belt is purely for display purposes only. But I cannot go to a size 36, for that move will be accepting defeat and accepting a lifestyle I don't want to lead. It's one step further toward shopping at the *Big & Tall* department stores. But I won't be a tall man, OH NO, I will be a big man. Being tall is a medical condition, while being big is just eating to many Crispy Creame crullers. I shall not be a 36! I cannot be. It is not my destiny.


For this Friday’s _thing you can do to avoid working while the boss is away_ we shall be visiting the world of SPAM. Yup you heard me right, SPAM. That stuff in your inbox that you can’t wait to delete, but this is good SPAM. This is creativity inspired by SPAM called “Spamusement.”:

The folks at Spamusement take the subject lines of SPAM and create little cartoons to illustrate them.

*Abe Lincoln Never got it*

!(photo) you ever benefited from a smallcap?)!:

*Now browse until you get fired.*

…Unlike Son

My father is not of the web generation. He is a 65 year-old architect turned graphic designer who couldn’t give a flying flock about weblogs, but now has a corporate journal thanks to my pushing. Part of having a journal is commenting on weblogs which you find interesting, but that can bring up problems you may not have anticipated.

“It’s SO SMALL! How can you read that? That’s ridiculous!”

(6 Comments on the weblog)

“Dad it’s a comment box, just write a comment.”

“I can’t just write a comment in that small little space,” he pleads to me “I can’t see it! I’ll copy and paste it into an Indesign document and paste it back when I’m done.”

“It’s just a comment dad, just write something… anything!”

40 minutes passes a he studiously refines what is to be the comment to end all comments. A profound, engaging recourse with the weblog community in which he shall connect with the webloggers.

(16 Comments on the weblog)

“Okay, hows this look?” He asks.

“Fine.” I say not really paying any attention.

“is it too negative?”

“Maybe the ‘vomit out type’ bit’s a little strong, but it’s fine.”

“Yeah, that seemed a little much to me too.”