TUTT: Cha-Cha-Changes

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The Changes show where we talk about our first Tracks Up the Tree theme… Not quite sure how it turned out. Hopefully it is short and sweet.

h4. Played on Todays Show

# Show Me – “Sparrow”:http://www.inflightmusic.com/etp/index.php
# Paul Simon – “Russian Futurists”:http://www.geocities.com/russianfuturists/
# Compass – “Okay”:http://www.absolutelykosher.com/marty.html – Low Road (2004)
# Drive It Like You Stole It – “Sally Crewe And The Sudden Moves”:http://www.thesuddenmoves.com/ – Drive It Like You Stole It (2003)
# Strange Powers – “The Shins”:http://www.darkcoupon.com/ – Live 4/17/05 @ The Kool Haus Toronto, Ontario (2005)

p(note). All the MP3 locations can be found in the comments for this post so go and grab them while their hot – while you’re there, say hello.

h4. Mentioned on Todays Show

* More bum and hemeroids talk
* Fads – How many have you lived through?
* Crappy Star Wars movies
* Punk Panhandlers
* Toughing ourselves to the max


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