Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: Cha-Cha-Changes

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The Changes show where we talk about our first Tracks Up the Tree theme… Not quite sure how it turned out. Hopefully it is short and sweet.

h4. Played on Todays Show

# Show Me – “Sparrow”:
# Paul Simon – “Russian Futurists”:
# Compass – “Okay”: – Low Road (2004)
# Drive It Like You Stole It – “Sally Crewe And The Sudden Moves”: – Drive It Like You Stole It (2003)
# Strange Powers – “The Shins”: – Live 4/17/05 @ The Kool Haus Toronto, Ontario (2005)

p(note). All the MP3 locations can be found in the comments for this post so go and grab them while their hot – while you’re there, say hello.

h4. Mentioned on Todays Show

* More bum and hemeroids talk
* Fads – How many have you lived through?
* Crappy Star Wars movies
* Punk Panhandlers
* Toughing ourselves to the max


Redhook Sunset

!(photo) Sunset)!:

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: The Great Disaster

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My faithful return to the mic only brings me pain and agony as I mistakenly karate chop my beer into my computer. The podcast gods have it in for me.

! Fiction)!:
I Turn My Camera On by “Spoon”: on Gimme Fiction

And my beer goes down.

Baby C’mon by “Stephen Malkmus”: on “Face The Truth”:

The new love affair with “Flickr”:

Funeral by “Horses”:

Shut Up And Kiss Me by “Pony Up!”: on “Pony Up!”:

Jeff Hanson
“This Time It Will”: by “Jeff Hanson”: on “Jeff Hanson”:


Draw Pilgram!

!(photo) Pilgram)!:

Went to MoMA last Thursday and boy did I have fun.

Everyday Photography

Flickd Out Blog

After hours of desperate teeth pulling, the blog is finally ready for some flickr photographs. Surprisingly there was a lot of teeth pulling with the templates, but I think the final layout should be both attractive and accomodating to large flickr photographs.

!(photo) Wheel)!:

Of course I fully expect there to be tons of problems with Internet Explorer on the windows side, but that’s sort of expected with web design. Hopefully most of you sweet and enlightened folks will be browsing the site with “Firefox,”: or another standards based browser. In other words, hopefully you can see the wider layout.


I Love You NYC



Video Time

As it’s Tuesday and no Podcast is particularly forthcoming, I thought that I should post something to distract you from that fact… although writing about it really doesn’t help. The following shorts should push you through the Tuesday hump.

!(left photo) ninja)!: Let me first preface this video by saying that in no way should this demonstration in any way be misconstrued that this guy doesn’t have numchuck skills. We just question his backflip skills.

“Afro Ninja”: (via “guboogi”:

And then…

!(left photo) ninja)!: This guy is my new hero. From today on I will be growing a big bad ass mustache and hanging out with all the hottie indian chicks I can find. Yeah, and I’m going to find a place to make me some rocking frilly chaps too.

“Apache”: (via “Stereogum”:

Strangely this weeks Vinyl Podcast also features the song “Apache”: for this weeks song.

!(left photo) We Stand)!: Over the weekend, Diane and I entertained our friends from London and during a conversation over a few beers we used the word _gayblade._ We tried over and over to try and describe what gayblade is, until we finally settled on something that is _over the top unintentionally._ This video will further drive home that definition.

“USA Dude”: (via “Stereogum”:


Podcasting’s New Spokes-bimbo

!(photo left) Hilton Podcast)!: Because who better to speak for the audio dorks of the world then Paris Hilton? I could say a lot of nasty things about this, but I’m sure the hilarious Paris Hilton House of Wax Podcast will do an adequate job for me when it airs in late April… I can only imagine the editing nightmare of that show. Maybe Paris, and the misguided marketing efforts of Warner Brothers Inc., are unaware that Paris is only entertaining when “scantily clad”: and has a voice like an underaged helium salesman.

_Oh Paris, if I thought you were doing this for any noble reason I might not insult you so – but I have an inkling that you have no idea what Podcasting is or what “inkling”: means._


(This is, however, a very good reason for video podcast technology to pick up it’s pace.)

Everyday Technology

Using Peer Pressure to Your Benefit

At A Whole Lotta Nothing there is a great little article and link Using peer pressure to your benefit whereby the author plans to harness the peer-pressure of blogging to loose weight. Albeit a seemingly innocuous use of the blogging community, it marks a real breakthrough in harnessing the _power of the blog._ The coolest part about the whole thing is that using WordPress’ custom fields a custom graph is created automatically thanks to a very neat little chart add on called PHP/SWF Charts.

This sort of idea could definitely be harnessed for events like the Aids Walk or Race for the Cure. It could of course also be used for my fat ass.

(via Photo Matt)


Goodie Goodie Catbird April

!(photo left)!: The new Catbird Seat April Playlist is up and makes a beautiful day even more spectacular. This playlist is another spectacular sampling of obscure indie artists who deserve play.

The Seat playlist looks like:

# Compass – “Okay”:
# Iron Woman – “Devin Davis”:
# The World May Never Know – “Dr. Dog”:
# Concerning Lessons Learned… – “The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers”:
# Funeral – “Band of Horses”:
# Television Set – “Joel Plaskett”:
# Oh, Oh, Oh – “Blood Meridian”:
# Now We Know – “Jeff Hanson”:
# Bitter Cup – “Testface”:
# Against Pollution – “The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers”:
# Monsters – “Band of Horses”:

Man! I only know -two- three out of the ten artists. I better go hit the books. What was your score?