TUTT: Thigh Food Coma

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Josiah is back and we eat thai food, get poisoned and record a show high on Pad Thai! It’s East meets west in this all out cultural slug fest. (hey that rhymed)

h4. Played on today’s show

# Dignity & Shame
Call To Love
“Crooked Fingers”:http://www.crookedfingers.com/
Dignity And Shame
# Woman King
Woman King
“Iron & Wine”:http://www.ironandwine.com/
Woman King
# Tree City
Spanish Teeth
“Robbers on High Street”:http://www.robbersonhighstreet.com/
Tree City
# Husk
Husk (live)
“Liz Durrett”:http://www.lizdurrett.com/
# Funeral
No Cars Go (Cover)

h4. In the Cast

* Father Ted (available to rent on “Netflix”:http://www.netflix.com/MovieDisplay?movieid=60030365&trkid=73 or to buy on “Amazon”:http://www.amazon.com:80/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005A1SY/upthetree-20?creative=327641&camp=14573&link_code=as1)
* Josiah’s new job
* Thigh Food
* Hung and hanged, the lynchers vocabulary
* Diane’s itchy scratchies turns to Mr. T
* New Robbers on High Street get bad rating in “Pitchfork”:http://pitchforkmedia.com/ (Catbirdseat makes a “revision”:http://www.catbirdseat.org/catbirdseat/archives/000370.shtml)
* Television Free but in love with “Netflix”:http://www.netflix.com/
* Background music by the “Vinyl Podcast”:http://vinylpodcast.com/ and “ModPod Radio”:http://modpodradio.libsyn.com/



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