Well if the new design wasn’t a dead give away, Up the Tree has been upgraded to a new piece of blogging software. Although the move seems to have gone successfully, I am sure there may be a few hiccups – so if you see anything out of the ordinary please give me a holler.

My new weblogging software, “WordPress,”: while superior in many ways to my old blogging software, “MovableType,”: has one major downfall… every page that WordPress creates is dynamically created and must be a PHP file. This seemingly harmless caveat means that all my old static pages must be renamed or reorganized. This doesn’t bother me particularly, because I can always keep all my old weblog files in the background, but more I am worried about my RSS feeds which had been simply named *index.xml.*

*The .xml thing doesn’t work with WordPress.*

The only fix I can find right now is to create a redirect for my index.xml file which would load my new RSS feed location. The only problem with this approach is that the browser address actually changes with a redirect which I would assume might create a problem with some RSS readers. Does anybody have a better solution? One that would be completely transparent?

_Thanks for listening to my techno-jumble, I promise not to be as dorky in future._


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