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If joy were a podcast, this would be the one. The best show ever. Pact with mashups and fantastic stories about life in the big city. 1,000+ subscribers strong we celebrate like it’s 1999.

“Lose My Freedom”: (Devo / Destiny’s Child)
“Go Home Productions”:

Josiah has no job

“Unseen Sights”:
“Alias”: on the album “Muted”:

Funtime Ben and Funtime scabies (“picture”:, not for the faint of heart!)

“This Morning”:
“n.ln”: on the album Astronomy For Children available on “High Point Low Life”:

“The Dears”: and “Crooked Fingers”: rock out at Bowery Ballroom

!(photo) and the Dears)!

“Paperback Believer”: (remastered)
“Go Home Productions”:

Ice cream VS. Sorbet

“Someone, Somewhere”:
“Luke Temple”: on Hold A Match To A Gasoline World


Pipe Nub

Pipe Nub

Everyday Photography

Where the Hell is this Weeks’ Podcast???

Good question Jon. I guess at this point I’ll have to turn the mic over to Josiah, who’s been away yucking it up in Florida… Josiah?… Jos?…

You see I really don’t want to record another show without Josiah for four major reasons.

# It’s not as interesting when it’s just me
# We are approaching our 1,000 RSS Podcast subscriber and as such I think it’s about time we have a celebratory Podcast to revel in our impending awesomeness.
# The next show is pact full of some of the best of found music, including covers, mashups, and upbeat stompers. I need Josiah’s energy to really get the party started right.
# The schedule right now has been crazy and there is no way I can squeeze in a TUTT until Sunday.

That being said, if josiah flakes – I will have a new podcast up for you lovely people by Monday. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I might even make a few calls to my podcast brethren and see if I can get some love from them.

So Josiah it comes down to you… What do you say to Sunday

In other news I attended the “Photobloggers 3”: event at the Apple store last night and met up with some photobloggers afterward for a few drinks. The presentation was an interesting spread of photographers practicing the art of digital photography, many of which had come from a film background. I still very much believe that using a digital camera will make anyone a better photographer. It trains the eye and allows for far more experimentation that the film equivalent.

!(photo) Store Zach Klein and Youngna Park Presenting)!

The Apple Store with “Zach Klein”: and “Youngna Park”: presenting.

I was instantly inspired and took out my camera on the way home taking 36 photographs of nothing. One of the shots of my friend Mike and Funtime Diane on the corner of Broadway and Houston grabbed my eye, because of the yellow window in the distance. It just proves to me that Digital photography is the future and having a point and shoot camera is really the most rewarding type of camera, because you can take it anywhere. Long live digital.

!(photo) and Mike in the Snow)!


But Wait I Can Explain…

Ok, just for the record I am not a complete chauvinist pig… _you have no idea what I’m talking about right?_ I was a guest presenter on the most excellent sports podscast the “Skinny on Sports”: for their “awards show the Skinnies”: and during my announcement of Hottest Female Athlete I said “Maria Sharapova – she’s seventeen, but as long as there is grass on the field…”

If you listen to the skinny on sports, like I do, you might know that Maria Sharapova is a tennis player and a very good one at that. I was only commenting that as long as there is grass on the field… she can play tennis… This of course is completely incorrect, as an athlete playing tennis she can also play on astroturf or clay. I just wanted to make this appology to anyone female or not, who felt I was discriminating against those that play on alternative surfaces. Again I oppologise.

So please allow me this slight correction “as long as there is an appropriate surface to play tennis on.”

Please go take a listen to the “Skinney on Sports”: and thank you Skinneys!


Original Famous Original Rays

!(photo) Famous Original Rays)!

In New York we have these pizzerias that all battle for the title of Original Rays, Famous Rays, Original Famous Rays, or the most popular Famous Original Rays. This Rays down on 12th Street is my Famous Original Rays. I went there for the first time when I went to elementary school at P.S. 41 back in the day. I still remember that the slices had a lot of cheese.

Where is your Rays?


Jerry Lewis Disease


bq. *Ree:* Have you seen Jerry Lewis recently? He looks bad.
*FB:* No, but the last time I saw him he was really fat.
*Ree:* Maybe he has some sort of disease or something?
*FB:* Yeah, the Fatty-Fat Pants disease.

From then on, whenever we would talk about people being fat, or ourselves feeling fat we referred to it as _the Jerry Lewis Disease._

Currently I am suffering from a mild case of _the Jerry Lewis Disease…_ I think it’s time to hit the gym more than once in a blue moon as my current work out routine has been. So I guess now I have to set up a target goal or something? How about I agree to loose an Olsen Twin’s worth of weight? That can’t be more than 20 pounds, right?



Stretching Sunset

!(photo) in Dumbo park)!


Poster Board

!(photo) in Philly)!


Funtime Ben’s Unflappable Hiccup Cure

Still here, although after a particularly bleary night out, I got the hiccups and decided to perform my unflappable hiccup cure with unexpected results.

h4. Funtime Ben’s Unflappable Hiccup Cure(R)

* Slice of lemon
* Sugar to taste

Bite on that sunva-bitch. There, that’s it – your hiccups are gone… *if not seek medical attention.*

So, while preparing my unflappable hiccup cure I inadvertently (almost) sliced the tip of my left index finger off. Oh god it was a tense few minutes as my hypochondriac upbringing kicked in.

bq. “I need a chair! I think you should call the hospital I feel dizzy. Wait, I’m feeling better.”

Funtime Diane rushed about the house fashioning me bandages and turnakits from unused newspapers and paperclips McGyver style! I could tell you all about the 45 minutes where I was bleeding all over our kitchen, but instead I’ll flash forward to right now where I advise if you’re going to cut a month old lemon with a tough skin with a dull fillet knife… don’t.

Thank you for your time.
_This has been a public service announcement from_