TUTT: You’ll Never Get Me Coppa!

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Ah show 11. The first show of 2005 with Josiah – a celebration of our mutual love of talking about nothing.

*Played on today’s show*

# You’re Fired – “Jon Sebastian”:http://www.jonsebastian.com/ – Dreamsicle
# The Staunton Lick – “Lemon Jelly”:http://www.lemonjelly.ky/ – Lemon Jelly
# Broken – “Buddahead”:http://www.buddaheadmusic.com/ – Crossing The Invisible Line
# EPISODE #1: “Where It All Begins Again” – Grant Baciocco & Dougg Price – “The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd”:http://www.doctorfloyd.com/
# Growing Up With GNR – “Aqueduct”:http://www.aqueductisgoodmusic.com/ – I Sold Gold

*In the Cast*

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* Staunton Lick with “Loft 405”:http://www.loft405.com/blog/ Remix



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