Month / January, 2005

TUTT: Back from Britain with Kisses

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Ahhh, it feels good to be back home. While New York may be cold and unwelcoming, my head is filled with warming indie music to fire up even the most frigid loins.

*Played on today’s show*

# Japanese girls
Tree City (Out Feb 22)
“Robbers On High Street”:
# If It Could Talk It Wouldnt Say Anything
Text Adventure
“Fantastic Disaster”:
# “Ageless beauty”:
Set Yourself on Fire
# Chick a boom boom boom
Enter The MoWo!
“Mocean Worker”:
# “Born on a train”:
“Arcade Fire”:

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* Granddads funeral
* Snow storm of 2005
* Guilford and crap Harvesters
* The english can’t speak english
* 1,000 flavours of chips!


Alright Kiddies

I’m all packed up and the last thing on the checklist is my laptop so I decided to say thank you to all you awesome listeners, friends, and occasional readers for your inspirational words of kindness. I will be gone a week and I doubt very highly that I will be at places with internet access, but I’m going to be doing a little recording along the way and if I do find a hotspot I will send a few thoughts your way.

Now while I’m away — no parties! Yes you heard what I said, you are the man of the house, while we’re gone, so no borrowing the car either!

_I don’t care what all the other kids will be doing. If they jumped off a bridge would you?_

TUTT: Coppa’ Out-Takes

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Sort of show 11.5, but we’ll call it show 12. This was some material Josiah and I had recorded, but didn’t really think we should add into the last podcast… but hey why not give it to you guys to judge? I’ll be back with a live show next week, but I have to prepare for the trip to my granddad’s funeral in England… You guys understand. Nothing but love.

*Played on today’s show*

# Some rock out songs!

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Flipping Cold

No, I mean really guys it’s outrageously cold in the city today. The wind blows and your nads jump right up into your neck to avoid the chill. I really wish this global warming thing would hurry it’s ass up.

Last night I stayed awake spraying hairspray out my window trying desperately to deplete this blasted ozone. If anything it’s gotten colder.

Ah well, don’t say I never tried.

All Things Must Pass

NY sky

Tom Whitehouse, my sweet and eggplant shaped grandfather peacefully passed away in hospital today in Petersfield, one day before his 93rd birthday.

He was a sweet little man with more wrinkles than a bloodhound, long sleve shirts buttoned to the top, glasses thinker than the bottom of milk bottles, and a voice smaller than a shout – yet louder than a whisper. My granddad was a rockstar of an old man.

Whenever people would ask about my granddad I would tell them that my Tom had two identical black Casio watches, one on each wrist. They would stare at me for a moment – wondering why. Thinking up long explanations, balancing delicate psychoanalytical diagnoses, or making connections between my granddad and I. Ultimately asking “Why?” as I had when I noticed the two watches 10 years ago. Tom had turned to me beaming.

“You see, I have these two programs that I like to watch on the tele. The left one’s alarm goes off for the first show and the right for the second. That way when I’m sleeping I’ll be sure to watch my programs. Would you like one? I’ve got another 6.”

I wish him the best of luck, wherever he next calls home… I hope they have black Casio watches.

Bye Tom.

TUTT: You’ll Never Get Me Coppa!

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Ah show 11. The first show of 2005 with Josiah – a celebration of our mutual love of talking about nothing.

*Played on today’s show*

# You’re Fired – “Jon Sebastian”: – Dreamsicle
# The Staunton Lick – “Lemon Jelly”: – Lemon Jelly
# Broken – “Buddahead”: – Crossing The Invisible Line
# EPISODE #1: “Where It All Begins Again” – Grant Baciocco & Dougg Price – “The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd”:
# Growing Up With GNR – “Aqueduct”: – I Sold Gold

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* Staunton Lick with “Loft 405”: Remix


I wish I was still on Vacation

This week has been way too much for me. All the projects in 2004 have gone critical in 2005. Everything went terribly wrong while I was away on my lazy week vacation and now god is making me pay.

*Seems like I never had a vacation to begin with.*

Then, to compound things, Funtime Diane gets sicker than a dog and is bed ridden and needs me to prepare foods, prop her up, open boxes of tissues, and bring washcloths… you name it. It’s a mess and all the while in the back of my mind I know I’m going to get sick. It’s there as a small ache in my back the hint that the moment I get some down time my body is going to fall apart.

It’s at this moment that I try to arrange a get together with Josiah to record show 11… well that’s been moved to Sunday, because his sister is in town and plus I’m kind of wiped out from work and care-taking. When it’s bad it’s very bad.

The good news is Josiah and I have set aside some quality time to record some shows. We should be making up to lost time and PodCasting far more regularly. Again I’m sorry there’s no show this week… which brings us to a grand total of 3 empty weeks! My PR people are going to freak out.

I would also like to apologize for anyone who hasn’t received an e-mail back from me in the last two weeks… I’m very far behind. I’m catching up and hope to respond to everybody.