Bloody Nipples

p=. !!:

Shoddy volume mix? *Yes.*
Hilarity? also *Yes.*

*Played on today’s show*

# Radiapathy – Out of the Fierce Parade – “The Velvet Teen”:
# Miracle Drug – Slow Wonder – “A.C. Newman”:
# Mass Romantic – Mass Romantic – “New Pornographers”:
# Gone For Good – “The Shins”:
# Death Star – The Piltones – The Piltones
(Unfortunately Brian’s website is gone, which further goes to convince me that he has found God.)
# “Opposite”: – Kickball

*In the Cast*

* Up All Night with “Rhonda Shear”:
* “Gilbert Gottfried”:
* “Robin Byrd”:
* “New York Marathon”:
* “Bloody Nipples?”: _no pictures yet_ “Here are some tips for your nips.”:
* “Red States and Slavery”: with the Map
* “StarWars”:


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