2 for 2 (July 2004 Playlist)

# Combat Baby – “Metric”: – One World Underground, Where Are You Now?
# Freetime – “Kenna”: – New Sacred Cow
# Gagging Order – Radiohead – Com Lag EP
# Just One Thing – “My Morning Jacket”: – It Still Moves
# Whatever Happened to Us – Loudon Wainwright III – A Live One
# Division St. Girl – “Jason Molina”: – Pyramid Electric Co.
# To Be Alone with You – “Sufjan Stevens”: – Seven Swans
# Each Coming Night – “Iron & Wine”: – Our Endless Numbered Days
# Jacqueline – “Franz Ferdinand”: – Franz Ferdinand
# Jonathon Fisk – “Spoon”: – Kill The Moonlight
# This Boy Is Exhausted – “Wrens”: – The Meadowlands
# That Right Ain’t Shit – The Books – “The Lemon of Pink –DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM FREE –“:
# Two-Headed Boy – “Neutral Milk Hotel”: – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
# Here I Dreamt – “The Decemberists”: – castaways and cutouts
# We Will Become Silhouettes – “The Postal Service”: – Give Up
# We Will Become Silhouettes – “The Shins”: – Such Great Heights
# I Don’t Believe You – “The Magnetic Fields”: – i
# Nobody Knew Her – “Nina Nastasia”: – Dogs
# Ringing In My Ear – “Adem”: – Homesongs
# Gentle Moon – “Sun Kil Moon”: – Ghosts Of The Great Highway
# The Start – “The Bees”: – Free The Bees

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Russian Grandmas

Last night on the subway I rode across from an older russian lady. She must have been Russian, because she had that eurotrash air about her. She also was rocking a revealing shirt, whose laces were unlaced giving all the grandpas on the train something to think about.

You go grandma!


The Unfortunate Truth

Summer Flowers

The Summer. The Business. The Side Projects. The Driver’s License. The Art Funk. The Heat. The Beach. The Boroughs. The Target in Brooklyn. The President. The Books I want to read. The Free Concerts in Prospect Park. The Music. The Watercolors. The Cat.

These are the parts of my personality. There is a happy mixture somewhere, but at the moment I have been feeling more driven to my design work than anything else. This is why I am announcing that while I am not going to stop writing, the subject of my writings will change.

Clients now read my site.

I cannot be as frank as I would like to without changing my format. Much like a radio station, the occasional re-branding might help bring focus to me and my content.

So, from today on, I am retreating back into the parts of my life that I have neglected to discover where and what I want to put on this website and what parts of my life I feel comfortable in revealing to you all. Thank you for your continued support and friendship, I hope to be back in full effect here soon.

This doesn’t mean I wont be posting, but rather it means that I may be exploring what my content might be.


Corner Rounder

I just bought a CARL corner rounder and let me tell you, no piece of paper in my office is un-rounded. For less than $5 from Staples you too can remove your sharp, pointy edges and enjoy a thoroughly rounded lifestyle.

I spent most of today rounding all the corners of my business cards and I think tomorrow I will have a go at all the paper in the fax machine. I just can’t say enough about my corner rounder.

*Watch out photographs!*


The Slow Move

Here it goes again. My life revolves around my websites and as such, when my hosting company doesn’t answer my e-mails, shuts down their new accounts and says they are restructuring the firm to create a better user experience, I like to say “thanks, but no thanks.” Although I understand that they are doing the responsible thing, I have no faith in responsible things.

*Nor do my clients.*

That being said I am again moving my website to another web host. You shouldn’t notice any change in the website, or it’s service, but I thought I would mention it… just in case. I will still be at “”: but you may notice that my posts may get interrupted here or there.