Janet’s Breast

damn it janet

*Open letter to the people of the United States of America:*

I think I speak for everybody when I say we don’t really give a shit about Janet Jackson’s breast. We’re talking about her breast here people, it’s not like she flashed her Jessie Jackson at anybody. Unfortunately most of America is so backwards when it comes to sex that they feel this is outrageous. More like the religious right who are at the helm of the FCC are outraged. Flashing your breast is outrageous? Only because the bible-thumpers say it is!

Who the flip cares? Is it because she’s a black woman? Nervous white wives in the mid-west are afraid that their husbands and sons will revert back to their 19th century ancestors and start longing for black tail? Is this the priority people? Let’s not forget all the American men being killed everyday in a holy war that our president created out of thin air.

_Hey I have an idea America, why don’t you grow up._


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