Out and about in the world recording various parts of it on film. My only word of caution this holiday season is don’t drink eggnog too fast, or you will hurl.

I will be back to regular posts shortly, hopefully with a new found ability to touch type. Fingers crossed!


I Tutch Type

My exploits in touch typing have convinced me of 4 things.

* I am as dexterous a medium sized bull
* It isn’t as easy as it looks on science fiction movies where people type faster than Steven King on meth
* My cat managed to jump on my keyboard and to spell _rembrandt_ her first try
* When examined, my keyboard has accumulated some nasty things between the keys

(Steven King writes a book a week, so I bet he touch types really, really fast.)


Mirazon’s Cinematize 1.0

So, back in college you created your own adaptation of _The Lord of The Rings_ on a film camera you borrowed from the AV department. You were so proud of your gem that you paid the exorbitent price to get your movie burned onto a DVD, so eventually you could send it to studios to be optioned. Unfortunately, no one shared your vision, and your DVD sat on your living-room shelf collecting dust instead of royalties.

Years later, during a late night bout with insomnia brought on by a _sea-food_ burrito, you found your movie and watched it in all it’s glory. Although dated and terribly edited, you saw promise that a little modern day editing could uncover. Here is the problem, the footage was shot on a camera that you no longer have access to and all you have is the film. You check around and getting your film digitized would cost a small fortune. Dejected, you lie awake at night imagining the fame that awaits you.



Christmas trees are out in a vengeance throughout Manhattan. I had a crazy image of the trees taking over the streets and the sidewalks of new York becoming forests.


Monster Cheese

When I was young, I used to love Muenster cheese, because I thought it was called Monster cheese. I used to imagine that the yellow-orange outer coating was part of it’s monster quality. I imagined Frankenstein eating slices with the wolf man.


When I found out it wasn’t called Monster cheese I was devistated and stopped eating it altogether. My point being, change the name to monster cheese — guaranteed you will sell more.


Apple’s Unfortunate Policies

It seems that Apple, due to popular demand, has added an “AppleCare Protection for the iPod,”: which extends the warranty from one year to Three for $60. The unfortunate problem with this great addition to the AppleCare line is that my iPod missed the deadline by 5 days, because Apple did nothing to inform customers that they did in fact add the service.

This is infuriating.

5 days.


Would it be too much to ask for a grace period? Considering that I asked when I purchased my iPod if there was a protection plan and Apple had said, which was true at the time, no. Now, _wah-lah,_ here is the plan I would have bought a year ago. Apple’s stance on the matter is… sticking their fingers in their ears and going “Nu-nunu-nu-nu, I can’t hear you!”

My advice for all you people out there with newer iPods (Mebird, Naaman) take out AppleCare! it’s $60 bucks well spent. It covers everything from the iPod to it’s accessories. It’s really a no brainer.



It just stopped… The sun is out…




I feel like I’m in a snow globe today. It’s coming down from everywhere. This is great.

_Don’t ask me how I feel about it tomorrow, but today it’s great!_


Utter Frustration

I have a million things to write. Novels upon novels. There was my birthday on the 26th that I cooly didn’t write about. There was thanksgiving with my parents I missed on writing about. There was the girl on the train this morning with the button that read “It SUCKS to be me.”

All this and I haven’t been able to get a moments peace to jot it down.

Things have got to change in regards to my creative life. I feel as if I am being stretched too thin.

Things have got to changeā€¦ now.