I’m off to my business trip, complete with respectable clothes, a new haircut, and a hopeful expectation that this will all be over after tomorrow.

_Need weekend… bad._


the 9 to 5… 6

I am slaving away at the job recently, dealing with an apparent torrent of work that has been coming in.

My good pal on the west coast is loosing her apartment.

Elliott Smith dies.

I get a new computer, which doesn’t know me at all.

We come in 10 grand over budget on a project and quickly have to tap-dance some new figures.

I have to fly out to upstate New York on Thursday.

I need a suit and tie for the big meeting.

I have a killer hemorrhoid from a sculpt class I took at my gym with a nazi instructor. (breath when doing exercises people)

I feel like I’m getting fat.

It’s supposed to rain tonight.


Good Bye Elliott

“We’ll miss you.”:


_My friend Steve is going to be devastated._

“in the iTunesStore”:


Huggy Ball

I often wonder, where does my cat, Pepper, hide her multicolored balls. I buy her packs of 4 for $4.95 (which I take issue with anyway) and at the end of the month she’s all out of balls.

I come home and there is little Pepper, looking at me with her big yellow eyes and I know she wants to play. Sure she’s found other things to play with, but it’s just not the same.

Pepper Movie (in Quicktime)



There is something magical about Mondays. It might be the energy of a week freshly started, it might be the cloudless sky after a weekend of rain (as we have had in New York most of the summer), it might be that clients are far more forgiving at the start of a week then at the end, but whatever it is Mondays seem to capture the best of the week.

Sure Fridays can be fun. TGIF and all that, but the TGIF shit is usually reserved for people who hate their jobs, or are stuck in the corporate rut, or pretend not to like their jobs around their friends. I actually like my job, most of the time, and find working pretty rewarding. There is of course the days that I feel like I could bat someone’s skull in with a really pointy brick, but those are just passing emotions. So Fridays can be a relief, because of the impending weekend.

I usually find Thursdays to be the worst of all days, because they are so close to the weekend, but still a day away. Thursdays are also the days when things need to get done. Deadline day. Clients like their material on Thursdays, so they have a day to look it over.

Wednesdays are pretty neutral. They are like the Switzerland of week days, not falling any which way. It is the day which reflects most on the type of personality you have… is the week have over, or half begun?

_That’s a deep philosophical lesson, that is._

What about Tuesdays? You’ll just have to wait for tomorrow.


iTunes For You Guys

If you haven’t heard already, Apple has just released a windows version of “iTunes,”: free of charge. It’s filled with the same great features that made it an instant success on the Mac platform.

Did I mention it’s free?

It makes MP3s and AACs (MP4) free of any charge.

What are you waiting for?



The unfortunate part about a new computer is that, no matter how fast it is, there are always wrinkles to iron out. My new computer is no exception. Although it might be touted as the fastest computer in the world, it still deals with the occasional problems of…

bq. Um, what was that? I was going to… oh, you want to do that, well I was thinking… No? Okay then, lets do this instead.

And don’t get me started about getting my old e-mail over to a new system!? Apparently e-mails are completely unreadable from one system to another and requires plastic surgery to be at all legible… much like Meg Ryan. (have you seen her lately? She looks really weird.)

In essence what I’m saying is _I’m sorry._ I will write again I swear, but right now nothing is working quite right and posting is a little more difficult than usual. I will be back to usual soon, _I hope,_ but until then, please forgive my sporadic behavior.



Today I got a new computer and I am very excited by it’s arrival.

A G5 twin MHz top of the line do-hickey.

It even makes a noise when it starts up. I will be the fastest TextEdit user EVER!


FedEx Haiku

I hate you FedEx
My new guitar held hostage
Toledo, OH


Bars Stink

The ban on smoking here in New York City is great. I have fallen back in love with going out on a Friday nights to music venues and out for a quick drink during happy hour. Although I do understand the smokers of NY being upset at the loss of their smoking establishments, I really don’t give a shit.

_You got to call a spade a spade._

On Sunday Rob and I, afeared of our girlfriends hunger for vintage clothes, took off from Beacons Closet in Williamsburg to a local bar for a quick drink. A year ago this bar would have been thick with the smoke of people at the bar, this day it was filled with the rancid smell of stale beer, BO, and wafts of un-locatable urine scent. While smoking might have been a completely disgusting habit to be around, I find that the unpleasant aromas of some bars to be just as unpalatable.

The moral of this story? Bars stink.