What You Asked For

You have to be careful. Your parents always told it to you when you had, in a moment of anger, wished them death. It was in those unfortunate years, when your emotions ran hot, your hair was big, and your music tastes were less than _unfortunate._

You learned that “Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it” was a phrase to be heeded. It never worked for us. It was always against us. No, it never worked with “I want a million dollars.”

*Trust me I tried it.*

_”Be careful what you wish for”_ was a pessimistic view to have of the world. Nothing good could ever come from those wishes. It is like rubbing a genie lamp and getting screwed by your choices. Usually it was said when we rashly said something that we might regret, if it were to come true… just in a far more passive aggressive phrasing.

The reason I bring it up is I wished for the weather to clear up, I wished for the rain to stop, and for the temperature to get up past 70 degrees.

It’s now 92 degrees, humid, and I’m sweating my balls off.

I’m sorry guys.

*I feel responsible.*

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