Gym Elevator

My gym has an elevator. Now this shouldn’t be a surprise to any New Yorker. Most buildings have elevators here in New York City, but what is unusual are the people who use this particular elevator. My gym is an old 4 story building downtown. On the first floor is Sign In, on the second floor the weight-room, on the third floor yoga studios, and the fourth floor the boxing ring/cardio-room and most importantly changing rooms. A quick run up the stairs to get to yoga class is a good way to get your heart going.

As I was walking into my gym, the other day, a woman was getting onto the elevator. I walked up the stairs to the changing room. When I got out of the changing room I noticed the same woman on…

The Stairmaster!

She didn’t want to walk up the stairs, but rather, wanted the simulation of walking up the stairs. This is why new York is such a great place! For $80 a month you can pay to not walk up stairs and get on a *stairmaster.*

A little kitch guy from a thrift store


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