Questionable Behavior

Would anybody think less of me if I admitted that I’m listening to Counting Crows’s _Hard Candy_ and I’m kind of enjoying it?

Because I feel like a real pussy.

a guy in a suit buying Mr. Softie ice cream
(a guy in a suit buying Mr. Softie ice cream on 52nd Street friday.)


A Few Drinks

Last night I was supposed to head off to the gym. My old college friend Jeff gave me a call, however, and given the choice between heart raising, calorie burning, healthy workout and a beer…


We went over to “The Belmont Lounge”: A bar that, despite it’s best efforts to the contrary, is relaxing and a decent place to have a drink, or in my case 6-8. Our very pleasant waitress Cindy delivered Brooklyn Lager after Brooklyn Lager to the point that when the lemon drop shots she had bought us arrived I didn’t automatically realize that it was a terrible idea.


During the _boys night out_ Jeff reminded my of one of our old roommates Gabby who was on our college basketball team. (It must be explained the SUNY Purchase is not known, nor does it have a good basketball team.) He was actually on a basketball scholarship to the college. He was an intimidating young fellow with a bad taste in music, a penchant for sexual harassment, and various tattoos. His best tattoo was the image of himself crucified on a cross holding a basketball in his right hand, below the words *INSANE*.

I had completely forgotten.



Now, I’ve been going to the gym for a while now; Pumping iron, downward dogging, stair mastering. After such strenuous and sweat producing activities, I often take a shower at the gym.

The one thing I always find interesting, when changing, is the guys you wouldn’t think wear tighty-whities do in fact wear them.

Just goes to show.


First Signs of Spring

Buds are forming, shoots of grass lifting, and small flowers slowly opening. I welcome the change in weather. I have had enough of winter and miss -scandals- sandals.

Spring flower


Montauk Haiku

Spent Montauk Weekend
Returned to New York and war
Sunscreen please protect


The Friday Slump

If I’m drinking a big ol’ strong cup of coffee at 4PM on a Friday, you know it’s been a bad week.

(P.S. – I’m drinking a big ol’ cup of coffee.)


Cloudy Thursday War

The somber mood on the train this morning reflects the mood here in New York. I rode the F train and no one was smiling. No one, except the young couple delighting in how lucky they were, seemingly oblivious of (or in defiance of) the war.

People were now holding newspapers, where novels had been. Others stared at the speckled floor paneling of the F train contemplating quietly to themselves. Occasionally looking up to escape their thoughts in a foot pain ad.

Hey, I can live with foot pain
But why should I?

It all seemed surreal. As if the commute I had known was now being played by actors who, as well as they might, couldn’t capture the essence of my daily commute. The world looks the same, but is changed way down at the core.

Much like my daily commute on the F train into 14th street station every morning, I feel like the passenger in the huge machine which is my government. _Our government._ I have no control over the train, I have no control over my government, but I don’t know how to get off this particular train. The conductor is not listening to his passengers and is blowing past the stops we are asking him stop at. Our conductor has locked his door and is driving the train as he likes, -because he feels it is his.-

I sat and wondered to myself if I am documenting a life I may never see again. A life I might never be able to see again. Every photograph I have taken recently, feels like it will be important somehow. That the wind of change has begun to blow and, unfortunately, I may not be on the side it is blowing from.

I hope I’m wrong.

Subway floor



Not that I’m all for _buttons that represent people’s views on politics or current events,_ but when you see something that strikes your fancy…

Premtive WAR is terrorism

“Milton Glaser’s”: addition to “Another Poster for Peace”:

bq. NOTE: It looks like _Another Poster for Peace’s_ website has fallen prey to over-popularity. They are closed down for now, due to bandwidth issues, but will hopefully be back soon.


Spring Redesign

After seeing what “Dooce”: has done with her website (which is strangely reminiscent to “Button Monkey’s”: design) I have decided on a spring cleaning and GUI(Graphic User Interface) overhaul. You know, to freshen things up a bit.

I have been toying with the idea of a photo log for a while now, but am resistant to create a whole new weblog to include my photos. I kind of like the way my entries contain photographs and interact with them to further expand ideas in my text. Take for instance a fantastic weblog “More Than Donuts”:, she has a fantastic “photo log”: that is separate, and in my opinion very much isolated, from her main blog. I would like to create an almost seamless dialog between image and text.

*Fingers crossed.*

I was glad to see “Dooce”: brought back her _thinking, feeling, listening to, reading_ sections that disappeared after her last redesign. After I saw it on the new site it finally dawned on my how, in fact, she did it and I realized _hand smacking forehead_ that it wasn’t as hard as I had thought. It would also mean that I could have a photo log as part of my main weblog and, while the two wouldn’t necessarily be linked, could live together in peace and harmony.

Which is when I thought that providing tutorials on web related technology for non technical people would be a cool addition as well. Much like “Moonpost’s A Photolog in Five Easy Steps”: or even “Kottke’s”: website.

Basically, since I am going about the business of redesigning the whole blasted site, is there anything I can get you while I’m there?

Stained glass in Prospect Park


Easter is a’ coming

If you were a chocolate bunny, who would you be?