I Blog therefore I Am Not?

It seems that if you write a blog, you are more apt for something bad to happen to you. Every time I turn on the blog somebody is closing down shop, because of something they said that hurt somebody’s feelings, because something “happened” in their personal life, or because they are just plain exhausted from writing. Even I, Funtime Ben, have had a previous life on a previous blog, that because of a past relationship I chose to leave. It seems that this blog idea is a double edged sword, with your ability to affect people, you also receive the responsibility of affecting them and yourself.

As I travel around the blog universe each morning, I follow links and once every so often a writer has gone missing. Their blog the shell of what it once was. What happened? I wish there was a way to take a blog to a forensic laboratory to explain to us blog causes of death. “Oops, she talked about her husband’s skid marks. He couldn’t handle it and she had to put the blog down.”

Where is the the weblog graveyard?

I remember, back in the olden days, reading letters from people and remembering lines months after. Reading letters was a far more powerful medium than spoken language. With the advent of e-mail, letters diapered and “snail mail” became a novelty reserved for birthday cards and bills. “Snail Mail” was permanent, you had the letter, blogs feel like they are going to be there forever and then (poof!) they’re gone.

Is it any wonder why the book is always better than the movie?

In blogland Dooce lost her job and then, if that wasn’t enough, recently got stuck with a $1,926.10 bill, for her 25GB throughput. I can’t really comprehend how she could have used 25GB, but I don’t doubt that she did. Yet she hasn’t stopped. She continues to write and provide people with her writing. She has succeeded as a blog author. When she gets herself into a jam, her readers help her out. Now that is a community if I ever heard one.

As I continue to read Rebecca Blood’s book The Weblog Handbook, I am struck at the power these weblogs have. With seemingly very little effort, you can publish your thoughts, feelings, rants, diary entries, questions, ideals, political views, findings, and history all with the press of a button. It is the most powerful medium when considering the cost to influence ratio.

So, I would like to take this time to say that this website is an expression. It is a place where I can voice my ideas, concerns, opinions, fears, poems, photographs, essays, ramblings, political views, humor, stupidity, questions, love letters, grocery lists, and fortune cookie messages. I don’t mean to offend you and if I do, I apologize, but I will continue to write this blog, because I want to. I urge you all to talk trough my comment box and my e-mail address. Disagree with me, tell me I’m wrong, show me the light, but by all means don’t read me and get upset without telling me publicly or privately that I offended you. I am a crass bastard, who often bumbles over the line of decency… Please pardon my behavior.


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